David A. Stoddard


Phone Number

2260 Skyline Drive,

Redding CA 96001

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Graphic Design




  • Photoshop 80% 80%
  • Illustrator 60% 60%
  • 3D Rendering 50% 50%
  • Photography 70% 70%
  • Website Design 75% 75%
  • WordPress 85% 85%
  • Elegant Themes – Divi 70% 70%
  • Videography 20% 20%
  • Premiere Pro 30% 30%


• Operation Systems – MacOS, Windows, Unix, ios.

• Software – Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress, Elegant Themes – Divi, InDesign, Blender 3D, Premiere Pro, Acrobat, InDesign, Light Room, Flash, Infini-D, Word, Quark XPress, Excel, Image Ready, QTVR, Publisher, Ipix.

• Website Building – HTML, CSS, WordPress, Elegant Themes – Divi, Dreamweaver, Gallery, Google Analytics.

• Hardware – Extensive experience on large and small format printers including Xerox, assorted scanners including drum.

• Photography – Canon cameras, Strobes and constant lighting, film and digital.

• Videography – Canon 5D II

• Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.


I seek to partner with your team to bring fresh vision, extensive experience and excellence to all your design projects. 

Cover Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

 My goal is to seek employment at Ramsey Solutions as a Graphic Designer and become a key member of your organization. I have a very broad spectrum of skills considering I’ve been designing for over 28 years, and am always seeking to learn and grow more.  I specialize in Graphic Design, 3D Design and Photography. My primary proficiencies are in the Adobe Suite specifically Photoshop and Illustrator. I am also proficient in 3D design in Blender. Aside from my abilities in design, my greatest strength is vision- an ability to see a problem and create inventive approaches towards solutions.  This is the cornerstone of my ability to lead and manage people and projects.

Not only am I well equipped to work with people, but I am also excellent in managing myself and serving the vision of the company. In recent years, the bulk of my freelance work has been in designing various book covers and creating promotional websites for them (see links above). I currently split my time between freelance work and working at a local countertop company where I have been involved in all areas including customer service, fabrication and installation. I now take on special projects of management and organization.

 A good example of employment in which I was able to apply my gifts for vision and implementing systems was during my time at 15dollarstore.com  (now closed down).  I was in charge of photographing, color correcting and prepping images of an array of merchandise for their website and triweekly e-mail campaign. In this role I applied my understanding of work-flow, organization, and automation to reduce the man hours from 40 hours a week to 16, while not only completing all responsibilities, but drastically increasing overall quality.




My freelance work has also led me into generating printed advertisements for numerous magazines. In addition to this, I worked as the Graphic Designer of a t-shirt company that generated a $1.2 million yearly income as a result of my designs. I have extensive knowledge and skill with WordPress CMS using the Divi builder and theme, silk screen design and separations, color corrections, all aspects of page layout, custom design, photo restorations, retouching and manipulations, etc.  

With my experience, knowledge, abilities, and skill, I am very confident that I am well-qualified and will be an appreciated asset to your company and your projects. I would be grateful for the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my experience would be consistent with your needs.




David A. Stoddard 

P.S. You can see all my work reflected in the links above or at mediarevelation.com.



Professional Experience

Contract Graphic, 3D Design and Photography

• Redding Countertops – Redding, CA: I was Involved in all areas including customer service, fabrication and installation. I now take on special projects of management and organization.  

• AppleJacks – Anderson, CA:  Graphic design image creation and file prep for silk screen printing, embroidery and vinyl cutting.

• Media Revelation – Contract design for assorted companys – Websites, Book Covers, 3D Modeling and Printing.

• Onyx Volt – Website design, Amazon listing image design, 3D Rendering, product photography.

• Gabhart Investments Incorporated – San Diego, CA : (3) WordPress websites, creation and maintenance.

• Timothy Sherman Ministries – Redding CA Website design and maintenance, photography, form building, videography and editing, audio capture and editing (these were all volunteer services)

• JCI – Redding, CA : Design and creation of Square Space websites

• Mac Smith Corp – Gardena, CA : Website Reskin, product photography

• iburn – Redding, CA : T-Shirt Design, social media, marketing, business strategy.

• 7 Prisms – Orange County, CA : Graphic Design and Illustration for 2 websites, RockstarSalesProducts. com – DiscountSkyDancers.com

California Boss Hoss Motorcycles – Harbor City, CA : Complete reconstruction of website (inactive), Product photography, color correcting, website and ad design. Photograph over 200 motorcycles using studio lighting and natural light.

• 15DollarStore.com – Carson CA : Graphic Design – Photography April ‘08 – August ‘10 Primary responsibilities are photographing, color correcting, editing images of garments, sunglasses, handbags, shoes and assorted other products of a 6,000 product website, design of triweekly e-mail ads, custom Myspace layout, ad campaign and tracking of said e-mails, Myspace and website traffic via Google Analytics. Complete reconstruction of constant light photo studio.


• BSSM – Christian ministry school – Graduated 2nd year.

• El Camino College – Graphic design, photography, sculpture, life drawing, jewelry and metal smithing.

• SCROC – Graphic Design Certificate of Completion, and Auto Engine.


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