Punch Knife Sculpture Concept in Bronze

Project: Punch Knife Sculpture Concept in Bronze

Objective: Decorative sculpture made as art

Originally sculpted, cast then poured in bronze.

Design and photo by © David A. Stoddard

A push dagger (alternately known as: push knife, gimlet knife, fist knife, push dirk, T-handled knife or punch dagger) is a short-bladed dagger with a “T” handle designed to be grasped in the hand so that the blade protrudes from the front of one’s fist, typically between the 2nd and 3rd finger.



Credit: Design, Fabrication and Photography

A mace is a simple weapon—or, alternatively, a ceremonial club or virge – that uses a heavy head on the end of a handle to deliver powerful blows. A development of the club, the military mace differs from a hammer in that the head of a mace is radially symmetric so that a blow can be delivered just as effectively with any side of the head. A mace consists of a strong, heavy, wooden or metal shaft, often reinforced with metal, featuring a head made of stone, copper, bronze, iron, or steel.

Big Bear Chopper – The Sled

Personal Project:

Originally I photographed this ‘Big Bear Chopper’ for California Boss Hoss in Harbor City


of which I photographed nearly 100 bikes, I love the image so much I went on to spend somewhere

around 50 hours vectorizing it with various automated and manual techniques.

I really love how it turned out!

Animated gif of the 1) Original photo 2) Vector line art 3) Finished vector recreation

A transitional fade of the three files

The Original Photo