iPhone Case

Onyx Volt – Listing Images, Product Rendering, Icon Set, Art Direction

Project: Amazon Listing Images for iPhone Case

Application: Amazon Listing Images for iPhone Case


Amazon Webstore: Link

This is part of an extensive campaign to build a complete promotional package for online and web based retailing including: Product 3d design of product and packaging, icon sets, logo and packaging.

iPhone 6 Case v2.0-01 iPhone 6 Case v2.0-02 iPhone 6 Case v2.0-03 iPhone 6 Case v2.0-04 iPhone 6 Case v2.0-05 iPhone 6 Case v2.0-06 iPhone 6 Case v2.0-07 iPhone 6 Case v2.0-08 iPhone 6 Case v2.0-09 iPhone 6 Case v2.0-10

Big Bear Chopper – The Sled

Personal Project:

Originally I photographed this ‘Big Bear Chopper’ for California Boss Hoss in Harbor City


of which I photographed nearly 100 bikes, I love the image so much I went on to spend somewhere

around 50 hours vectorizing it with various automated and manual techniques.

I really love how it turned out!

Animated gif of the 1) Original photo 2) Vector line art 3) Finished vector recreation

A transitional fade of the three files

The Original Photo