Terms and Conditions

Client information is confidential. Any information provided to MediaRevelation.com will be considered confidential and will only be used for the purpose of quoting and completing the service the client has ordered. MediaRevelation.com will not share confidential information or assets with third parties except as requested by the client.

The client is solely responsible for holding or obtaining the rights and permission to use material supplied to MediaRevelation.comm. Client agrees to hold harmless MediaRevelation.com from any and all copyright and permission infringement action resulting from material the client has provided to MediaRevelation.com.

Upon receipt of the final balance, mycustombookcover.com grants the client exclusive license to use the final version of the cover design. MediaRevelation.com will provide pdf, jpg, or other publishing-ready format for the final cover and final cover package items. MediaRevelation.com does not provide source files and client agrees that they have no rights to alter the final designs in any way with the exception of resizing for production and display. If the client desires any alterations after the delivery of the final balance payment and the final design files, the client understands that additional payments may be required.

MediaRevelation.com retains the right to use the final book cover design for MediaRevelation.com marketing and promotional purposes. Copyright and ownership of all draft design materials belong to MediaRevelation.com.

Client is responsible for securing the rights to use any client supplied materials that are subject to intellectual property rights by a third-party. Client assumes full legal and financial responsibility for any dispute involving materials the client him/herself has provided to the designer.

The client is responsible for requesting a proof from their printer prior to publishing. MediaRevelation.com will not be held financially or legally responsible for expenses or problems related to use of the cover design. The client must provide MediaRevelation.com with the appropriate sized template for the final print-ready book cover file by obtaining the file or the link to the template provided by the client’s publisher or printer.

The client agrees to pay 50% of the fees associated with the project prior to commencement of work. The remaining balance is due upon final cover design approval. MediaRevelation.com will not release final files to the client or third parties until the final balance has been paid in full. The final payment also signals final approval of the project by the client, at which point, the final files will be released to the client and this contract will be considered fulfilled. MediaRevelation.com retains the right to discontinue or suspend services to client should payments not be paid as specified in this agreement.

If the client provides written request to cancel the project within 24 hours of submitting an order, MediaRevelation.com will refund the full deposit and this contract will be considered cancelled. If the client chooses to end the project at any time after the initial design work has started, they agree to forfeit the deposit already paid to cover the cost of resources and design time taken up to the point of project cancellation. Client agrees to discard any mock-ups shared with the client and client shall have no rights to any mock-ups, images, or design materials created prior to cancellation.

Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between all parties concerning the subject matter hereof. There are no warranties, representations, covenants or agreements, expressed or implied, between the parties except those expressly set forth in this agreement. Any amendments or modifications of this agreement shall be in writing and executed by the contracting parties.